Accessible Parking Permits

Accessible parking permits allow persons living with a disability or people who have difficulty walking more than 100 meters to use designated “Disability Parking Only” or “Handicapped Parking” sites. These permits cost $25 at the centre or $27 mailed out. These fees cover our costs and contribute to our current and future free programs.

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Program Coordinator:

Betty Penston                      250-758-5547                      

Computer & Technology Training

Our computer courses offer an individualized curriculum that is designed for each student based on their needs, goals, and abilities. Our classes are free and open to seniors and all adults with a self-identified disability, including persons with motor, visual, hearing, and cognitive challenges. 

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Program Coordinator:

Marie Little       250-758-5547

Tax Prep Clinic (March 1st to April 30th)

NDRC participates in the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. This program allows those with low incomes and a simple tax situation to have their previous year income taxes done by a NDRC volunteer. 

Clinics are held during the tax season and booked by appointment.

Program Coordinators:

Allison Frame        250-758-5547      

Marie Little 

Resource-Related Services

Information and Referral Program (IRRP)

The IRRP provides information and referral services by connecting people with the resources they need. We provide basic and clear information about income assistance, support programs and tenancy. We take the time on behalf of our clients to research and provide all applicable resources available, to them tailored to their individual circumstance and need. The IRRP also offers assistance and advocacy to clients with filling out the first portion of the PWD (Provincial disability funding) form as well as helping clients obtain the PWD application form. We assist in applying for CPP-D (Federal disability funding), the Disability Tax Credit and in filling out any forms/applications (housing applications, insurance forms, medical equipment applications, and long-term disability forms). 

Program Coordinator:

Allison Frame        250-758-5547  

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A shout out to all our volunteers.

We would not be able to provide the level of service we do without the help of our amazing past, present and future volunteers.

Thank you!