Computer School

Red stop sign over a woman putting on a mask with text underneath saying Please put on your mask before entering

Covid-19 Effects on Technology School

Due to Covid-19 we have had to adapt our technology school to promote hygiene and ensure physical distancing. We are now booking one on one sessions with students. The amount of lessons are dependent on students needs but no limit is currently in place

Because of the close nature of technology lessons, for the safety of staff and students:

  • Masks are required (disposable or cloth are fine)
  • Staff and students will both sanitize hands before touching the device and at the end of the lesson
  • The desks and chairs are sanitized between students
  • Lessons are only half an hour in an effort to reduce exposure

To book a session please call the office and ask for/leave a message for Allison or Marie.

Please bring the device (smartphone, tablet, ipad, laptop) you need help with and a mask if you have one (we do have some available)

Personal Success is the foundation of our day-to-day activities. For persons with disabilities, having good computer skills can open doors previously closed and help to overcome barriers to independence. As long as there are persons with disabilities in our community, NDRC will continue to provide computer training that enables them to communicate with friends and family, to be involved in the community, and to travel independently within it. 

Our classes are free and open to seniors and all adults with a self-identified disability, including persons with motor, visual, hearing, and cognitive challenges. There are no barriers to enrolling in our programs. Our facility is completely wheelchair accessible. 

Our computer courses offer an individualized curriculum that is designed for each student based on their needs, goals, and abilities. The quality of the education is professional and up-to-date, and the classes are small with plenty of individualized attention. Our courses are in such high demand that we have maintained a waiting list since the early 1990s. While our computer courses are free, students may contribute a donation toward the computer school if they wish.