Computer and Technology School (CaTS)

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Personal Success is the foundation of our day-to-day activities. For persons with disabilities, having good computer skills can open doors previously closed and help to overcome barriers to independence. 

Our computer courses offer an individualized curriculum that is designed for each student based on their needs, goals, and abilities. Our classes are free and open to seniors and all adults with a self-identified disability, including persons with motor, visual, hearing, and cognitive challenges. There are no barriers to enrolling in our programs. Our facility is completely wheelchair accessible. 

Due to Covid-19 we have had to adapt our technology school to promote hygiene and ensure physical distancing. 

Because of the close nature of technology lessons, for the safety of staff and students masks are required and must be worn over the mouth and nose


  • 1 student, 1 instructor
  • Open to all PWD and Seniors

Great for Students:

  • with inconsistent schedules
  • with more advanced needs
  • who don’t require weekly sessions
  • who aren’t comfortable around other people

Two-By-Two Weeklies

  • 2 students, 1-2 instructors
  • Distance between students
  • Open to those fully vaccinated for Covid-19

Great for Students:

  • who want to attend on a weekly basis
  • who are available the same day every week

To book a session:

  • Please call the office (250-758-5547) and ask for/leave a message for Marie.
  • Email at
  • Fill in the sign-up form below

Please bring the device (smartphone, tablet, ipad, laptop) you need help with and a mask.

Sign-up form for Computer Class

light purple cat with the words C.A.T.S Computer and Technology School around it