Volunteer Tax Prep Clinic

NDRC participates in the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. This program allows those with low incomes and a simple tax situation to have their previous year income taxes done by a NDRC volunteer. 

Clinics are held during the tax season (March 1st to April 30th) and booked by appointment.

You qualify for the program if:

  • You meet the financial eligibility based on the size of your family:
    • 1 Person <$35,000
    • 2 People <$45,000
    • 3 People <$47,500
    • 4 People <$50,000
    • 5 People + < $52,000 + $25000 for each additional person
  • Your filing does not include any of the following situations:
    • Self-employment income or employment expenses
    • Business or rental income and expenses
    • Interest income over $1000
    • Capital gains or losses
    • Foreign property (T1135)
    • Bankruptcy (in the year of filing)
    • Deceased individuals

If you have any questions or want to book a time to get your income taxes done please contact Allison or Marie at 250-758-5547, email marie@ndrc.info, or fill in the form below.