At NDRC we strive to help our clients find the resources they need. 

Visit the links below to learn more or read on about how this program went from a brochure wall to a fully fledged program that has made the difference in the lives of so many. We hope to continue to grow this program and our other programs over the coming years. If you want to help, consider volunteering or donating. Thank you!

NDRC’s Resource Program started simply enough with the Brochure Wall at our centre and then the Resource Directory on our website. We had a resource volunteer who would try to find answers to questions not easily answered by these other areas. Unfortunately, this volunteer only worked once a week or less so people were often left waiting for answers until staff member Allison decided to take over the position so clients could get answers quickly. From there Allison decided to take some courses on PWD and Advocacy so that she could better serve our clients, expanding our resource services into what is now called The Information and Resource Referral Program (or IRRP for short). She now helps clients through the PWD application process as well as assisting in filling out other documents such as BC Housing applications.

Along the way we also signed up with the CRA to offer a Tax Prep Program during tax season and set up a Frequently Asked Questions page.

The newest addition to our resources arsenal is our Bursary for Persons with Disabilities

Have something medical related to buy or sell?

We run a Facebook group for people to post equipment called Vancouver Island Medical Equipment Buy & Sell. Don’t have a Facebook? No problem, email Marie at or phone 250-758-5547 and ask for Allison or Marie