Accessible Parking Permit

For any questions regarding parking permits, please call NDRC at 250 758 5547 or email at

Applications for Accessible Parking Permits are available at the Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre, at many doctors’ offices and clinics, and at the links below. These parking permits allow persons living with a disability or people who have difficulty walking more than 100 meters to use designated “Disability Parking Only” or “Handicapped Parking” sites. 

Parking Permits for Individuals

A permit for an individual cannot be issued without a medical practitioner’s authorization, and only one permit may be issued per person.  There are two types of permits: either for a permanent disability or for a temporary disability.  Your medical practitioner designates which type of parking permit you require: NDRC cannot change this designation.  As the registered holder, you are responsible for ensuring that this parking permit is used in an appropriate manner.  Misuse of the parking permit may result in the permit being revoked, and no further parking permits being issued to you by NDRC.  Every parking permit holder is provided with an Information Sheet listing the Do’s and Don’ts of using the permit.

Applications received by mail are processed and permits are delivered to the post office within 2 business days. If you stop by the NDRC office in Nanaimo, your permit can be issued in as little as 10 minutes! It is the responsibility of the parking permit holder to advise NDRC of any changes to their address, email address and/or phone number. 

Permanent Disability Permit

This parking permit must be renewed every three years from the date issued. We will send you a renewal reminder for you to sign and return to us with the fee. A doctor’s authorization is NOT required for renewal.

Temporary Disability Permit

This parking permit has a valid period of six months or one  year from the date of issuance based upon your doctor’s assessment.  We will send you a renewal reminder approximately one month prior to the expiration date.  If you feel you still need the use of the parking permit, you must take the renewal letter to your doctor for a new authorization.  When this has been completed, return the renewal letter to us with the fee.

(Effective September 1st 2020) There is a $25.00 processing fee for both permanent and temporary disability parking permits.  There is also a $25.00 processing fee for renewing permits.  If you wish the permit to be sent to you by mail the fee is $27.00.  We accept cash, cheque or money order, debit (in office only), Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  All fees incurred in obtaining medical practitioner signature or other supporting documentation are the responsibility of the applicant, and are not included in our processing fee.

Parking Permits for Non-Profit Organizations

Permits are available for non-profit organizations, the majority of whose clients are people with disabilities. A one year temporary disability permit is issued to the owner/manager who is responsible for the proper use of the permit. The non-profit organization name is written on the permit also. Authorization by a medical professional is not required. The permit expiry date is always on the last day of the month indicated on the permit.

Parking Permits for Business

Disability Parking Permit for Motorcycles Program

The Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre is pleased to announce that as of July 2, 2019 it is partnering with SPARC BC in their disability parking permits for motorcycles program

Interested applicants must already possess an active permanent disability parking permit issued by our office and renewed as required.

Some additional paperwork will need to be completed for our records and this can be done in person, over the phone or by email. A further doctor’s authorization will not be necessary. There will be no fee for the decal for the motorcycle, except in the case that you require us to mail it out to you, in which case it will be $2 for shipping.

We have a limited supply to begin with and they will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.

Drop in to our office at #2-4166 Departure Bay Road Monday-Friday 9am to 12pm, 12:30-3:30pm to apply or contact us by phone 250-758-5547 or email at