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Membership Costs

  • Annual- $5
  • 3-Year- $10
  • Lifetime- $25

The Nanaimo Disability Resource Center is a volunteer and membership driven, non-profit organization. 

The vast majority of our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers are people living with a disability. It is through our daily life experience that we can offer meaningful support in our community. 

As a member, you indicate your support for the work we do, which gives us a stronger voice when advocating for services and program funding. Becoming a member also give you a voice at our annual general meeting and in our day-to-day work for people living with disabilities. 

To join, please fill in the form below, drop in and pick up a membership form, call 250 758 5547 to request a form, or download and print off our membership form.

After filling in your form it can:

  • be mailed in with a payment method (cheque or credit card number) and your membership card will be mailed out to you


  • you can drop it off and pay your fee at  NDRC and receive your membership card in person.

We value your interest and support. 

Thank You!

Online Membership Renewal
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