External view of the Nanaimo Disability Resource Center, a tan building with a sign with Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre followed by the updated version of the person with disabilities icon

Important Updates

Covid Updates

Computer School Update

Computer School has moved to a new format: 1-1 sessions are half an hour each but students may book as many as they like. Due to close proximity students and teachers are both required to wear masks. If you are interested in booking an appointment please call 250-758-5547 and ask for Marie or Allison, Monday-Thursday.

NDRC Open with Modified Hours and Protocols

3 clients will now be permitted to enter at a time. Only one person per permit please. This does not need to be the permit owner; a support person may act on their behalf.
Those who have traveled outside the province or are feeling ill in any way are asked to stay at home and send applications by mail or renew by phone.

We are now open Monday to Friday from 9-12 and 12:30-3:30

Please note: We are closed from 12-12:30 as a precaution for cleaning and shift change

We ask that if you can, you still renew or apply for a parking permit placard by mail or phone (250-758-5547). Reduced contact is still the safest way to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Please ensure your doctor has signed the application (for new permits or temporary permit renewals) and it has your current phone number and mailing address.

Please call NDRC with any questions 250-758-5547

New Programs Announcement

NDRC has been working to create new programs for seniors and Persons with Disabilities. We have two new programs to announce:

Our Telephone Visiting Program:

As often as is convenient for you (once a week to once a month), you will receive a phone call from a volunteer. Participants and volunteers are matched based on preferred topics of conversation, hobbies or interests. With many events, activities and groups shut down due to Covid-19 and most people shut in doors most days this program allows people to connect and “visit” in a physically distanced manner.

Assistance with PWD

We can now help obtain the PWD form and assist with the application process. If you need help, please call Allison at 250-758-5547 or email allison@ndrc.info.

Meet the Team

Come Visit Us

Monday to Friday from 9-12 and 12:30-3:30

Please note: 

We are closed from 12-12:30 as a precaution for cleaning and shift change

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays     Closed

#2-4166 Departure Bay Rd

Nanaimo, BC V9T 4B7

250 758 5547